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New Year, New You!

With each new year comes new resolutions. Among your 2017 resolutions, is seeking help in the form of 'therapy' one of them? If so, what will you do to take the first step? Has this been your resolution in the years past? Searching for or locating someone that you feel comfortable with can seem like a daunting task. You may find that person the first time around, or it may take a few tries. It is good to research a therapist's background, the modalities that they use, their specialties, and their practice location. These are all important factors when looking for a helping professional.

The Huffington Post (2014) published an article titled '8 Signs You Should See A Therapist'. The 8 signs listed are as follows:

1. Everything you feel is intense

2. You are suffering from a trauma

3. You are experiencing physiological symptoms, such as headaches, insomnia, low appetite, etc.

4. You have begun using substances to cope

5. You are receiving bad feedback at work

6. You feel disconnected from family and friends

7. Strained relationships

8. Your friends have expressed concerns

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms currently, or from time to time, you should contact your physician and a mental health professional.

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