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Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy from the couple:
John & Cheryl 

Sessions are (up to 75 minutes)
Held weekday evenings and/or
weekends (By appointment only)

Improve your communication, lessen resentment, address anger, disappointments, trust, infidelity. Become a more effective communicator, listener, and how to forgive. Learn together-care & self-care. 

Identify possible sources of discord, address them and begin the healing process together. Responding to challenges to build a more supportive and fulfilling relationship in the process

John and Cheryl, together bring years of experience and a balance to the couple's sessions.

All done in a safe, non-judgmental environment where you can speak, feel respected and be heard
Cash only for couples sessions:
Fees: $200 per session  (We accept Zelle & Venmo, Credit Cards & Healthcare Spending Account Visas or Debit Cards)
John Casey, MSW, LCSW Psychotherapist
Cheryl Casey, MS, LMFT Psychotherapist

** Contact us for more information at 888-501-6333**
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