I have worked in mental health and with community advocacy for over 10-years. I have multicultural experience working with many cultures in the Orange County and the Los Angeles area within community mental health.  


I graduated from California State University, Long Beach and have worked with the populations of Watts, South Los Angeles, East Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley, West LA, Beverly Hills, Venice, Santa Monica, South Bay, Long Beach, and Orange County. 


I can meet you where you are currently in life, and I am sensitive to the issues and concerns of young adults, adults, and mature adults. I specialize in helping those who suffer from anxiety, depression, anger, low self-esteem, PTSD, work-related issues, marital/dating issues, workplace violence, grief, and many other social/emotional issues. 


Being that there is no one particular therapy style works for everyone the same way, there may be a need to integrate a few different therapy styles into your treatment. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Psychodynamic, Problem-Solving, or Solution-focused therapy are just a few styles that can be used to assist you in your journey. 


My office is conveniently located in the Inglewood area.


If you have any questions, don't hesitate to call me and schedule a telephone consultation. 


John T. Casey, LCSW